Transcorp Language Services Inc. 

Transcorp Language Services, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of language interpretation solutions to optimize the customer experience for Non English-speaking customers in the United States.

By providing native language support, we improve employee efficiency and productivity, increase customer satisfaction, build loyalty and improve customer service. We offer a comprehensive range of interpreting solutions for English speaking clients in the US and abroad.


Our culture of service quality is driven by a passion to help others, and our services include video, audio and translation services. Established in 2016, Transcorp Language Services, Inc. has a long history of helping its clients build relationships, maintain accuracy and build trust with their limited English-competent customers and patients.

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Gone are the days when linguists had to drive three hours for an hour - long appointments and companies charged ridiculous sums for interpreters, costs that didn't even include interpreting. Telephone - Interpreter requests allow users to connect to a qualified, professional interpreter within seconds of making an appointment. This innovative method requires less time for coordinating deadlines and leads to a faster, more efficient and more accurate translation process.


When you sign up and only pay for calls you make, and there is a support team if you have questions or problems. You can track your payments and view app usage and payments from your online account, or even create detailed usage reports to keep your finances up to date.


Interpreter Manager™ still offers the possibility to arrange interpretation appointments. Pre-booking can save time in lesson preparation, while the on-demand option saves time in instruction and preparation. There is also the possibility of providing group training and equipment on site, and if you choose to use interpretation on request or appointment translations, both methods are still significantly cheaper than on-site interpretation.